Pay Online



What you need to Know

Use the name you used on the Booking Form as your reference when payingIn order to complete your booking, please pay the TOTAL PRICE quoted in the offer sent to you.


Known issues when attempting to pay online

It sometimes happens that an error occurs when trying to pay online. This could be for a number of the following reasons:

1. You have tried more than once to pay using the same name as your reference.The system will not accept the same reference name more than once. You will need to add the letter A or B behind the reference name when trying to pay for a second time. e.g Joan Brown A

2. Sometimes our secure online gateway rejects payments when you try and pay from an I PAD or mobile device. If this error occurs, please try pay from a traditional PC or Laptop computer.

3. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to notify your bank that you are about to make an international payment.

4. When entering the amount, do not add a currency symbol, comma or space. So if the safari costs twelve thousand rand, you should enter the amount as 12000

5. If you have tried all the above and and an error still occurs, please contact us and we will provide you with an alternative payment option.

If the problem persists, please contact us for immediate help on